Monday, December 29, 2008


This wedding has reached the madness stage. We are covered in glitter and getting everything ready for the big day! It is currently midnight and I am still workin on stuff... I AM TIRED! All of us Webb kids are here and we are all about ready to kill each other. This happens when we all spend WAY too much time together in a small house. But yes, we have had some fun moments in the madness. Here are some pictures of us... ENJOY! The next time you hear from me... I WILL BE MARRIED! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

18 days!

Hey everyone! I promise I am still alive... I have been soo busy! I have everything officially moved in an settled for Andrew and I after we are married. Today at 6pm I will leave for Texas and then in 18 DAYS I WILL BE A MARRIED WOMAN! You faithful blog readers have been with me since the beginning... I thought it would never get here! Well it did and I am so excited! I haven't been able to blog much due to the lack of Internet in our apartment and I have been studying my little head off. Once I am home in Belton I will have a lot more time to blog about life. Please pray for Andrew and I as we get ready to become one in marriage. HOLY COW... I AM GONNA BE A MRS!

PS: My sister-in-law is pregnant... I am going to be an aunt! YEAH!