Thursday, August 25, 2011

big news and a new routine

First off, I have some big news to share to those of you that do not already know...
I am 10.5 weeks pregnant with baby no. 2!

We are very excited and thank God for a healthy pregnancy so far.  I had a miscarriage in March and then had no idea that I was pregnant when I found out a while ago.  I was super sick, so I took a pregnancy test and my suspicions were confirmed.  Two pink lines, our world is going to change drastically, and I couldn't be happier :)

This week will be going on two weeks of my new "stay at home Mom" status.  I am loving being at home and spending time with my little girl.   I have been extremely sick, though.  Taking antibiotics for a non-pregnancy illness has not helped the weak pregnant stomach.  I'll leave it at that :)  Also, Selah Grace is cutting her 5th tooth on top, which equals lots and lots of poopie diapers, which equals lots and lots of diaper rash.  Poor thing.  Diaper changing time involves lots of gnashing of teeth.  The literal kind. 

BUT... I really couldn't be happier.  We are now, in the past couple of days, getting into a routine.  It's not like a light switch you can just turn on and off.  For the first couple of days, Selah Grace was waking me up at the regular 6am time.  Now, she is sleeping until about 7:30am.  She is also transitioning into a one-long-nap-a-day schedule.  And she has now learned how to say, "GINGER!"  It sounds more like Dinder.. but we know what she is saying :)

Here is preview of what our past couple of days have looked like:

her new favorite thing - reading to me :)

and.. she sings to me.. while playing her piano

I love this smile!
For Selah Grace's birthday in October... I am currently in the process of making her a play kitchen.  The colors match my fiesta ware themed kitchen.  I am getting closer to finishing it.  I still have not decided if I am going to put the hinged doors on it or just put cute storage baskets in the place of the doors.  I am also going to have a pot rack hanging above the kitchen on the wall.  One side of the kitchen contains a chalkboard wall for her to write out her menu or love notes to Mom.  The other side contains four knobs to hang her dish towel and matching apron on.  I have had several several bumps in the road when it has come to finishing this little kitchen... but I am getting there!  What do you think so far?

Enjoy your day :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wilson County Fair 2011

Andrew and I ventured out to the Wilson County Fair this past Saturday morning.  We had such a great time.  We are quite the fair/festival goers.  People watching, funnel cake eating, ride riding... can't get any better than that!  Shana and Ted met us there with their two kiddos and we had a great time.  Leaving stuffed full of fried food and very very sunburned... it was a good day!

life is rough for this little one

very excited

not so sure

me and my girl!

first prize winner

crazy looking bird...

passed out..

crazy bed head

Eli did this the entire time

someone did not want to go home ;)

giving me the stare down...


I think it is safe to say that Selah Grace is officially walking!  This morning I found her pacing her crib and yesterday she was walking repeated steps by herself.  She isn't quite running yet, but we certainly aren't encouraging it.  We'll take it as it comes :)  and it is COMING QUICK!

Best Friends

Ginger and Selah Grace absolutely love each other.  Ginger needs to be right next to her AT ALL TIMES.  They are BFFs.   When my Mom was in town, we made our way outside one night when the weather felt almost fall-like and let the two kiddos loose. 
Here is what I captured.  They really are soul mates :)


Everything in my house has now been spotted in the eyes of my little girl as a shiny, big ole' toy...
I could have the biggest buffet of toys known to man sitting out just waiting to be played with... and she goes straight for the heirloom stained-glass lamp.  This is something I will be discussing with God when I get to heaven.

And yet, she smiles...

Caught in the act!

going for the coffee table goodies...

going in for the lamp

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things I love this week - DIY!

Sorry... long time - no blog!  I have been super busy with my Mom being in town and me gearing up for becoming a stay at home Mom!! Very exciting for our family :)

Since, I am now going to have a little time on my hands, I have some things I want to do! I am always wanting to create something.  I think that is my Mom coming out in me.  Every week I catch myself looking at new and fun things to create.  Just thought I would fill you in on what goodies I have found this week :)

I want my craft area to look like this!  So COLORFUL!

I have made one of these for a friend before but now I will be making one for me!

Organization is my thing..

Easy and cute idea for wall art!

Love this idea!

I want my guest bedroom to look like this at Christmas time.

Another idea for great wall art!


Pillows made out of old sweaters!

You crochet these!