Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!

And have a Happy New Year!!

Our new home - before and after!

Andrew and I signed the papers and received the keys to our new (new to us) home on Friday, December the 9, 2011!  Then, we had our great friend, Michael O'Neal with M&M painting, come in and get to work.  Here are the things that we have updated in our home in one week:  De-textured all of the ceilings throughout the entire house, painted the ceilings, closets, walls, trim, and doors... changed out all of the light fixtures, faucets, door knobs, outlet covers, vent covers, and all of the kitchen appliances.  We packed, moved, unpacked, and decorated our home in three days while the pregnancy pains persisted and our one year old watched.  This was probably one of the craziest things we have ever done in our marriage.  To move a week before we leave for Christmas vacation was completely insane but was the best Christmas gift anyone could ask for! Below are some of the before and after pictures of the down stairs area of our home.  The upstairs is still a little bit of a work in progress.  We are beginning to work on getting Sterling's room ready for his arrival in March.  Enjoy!
Before - living room

After - living room

Before - living room

After - living room

Before - living room

After - living room

Before - kitchen

After - kitchen

Before - Kitchen

After - kitchen

Before - breakfast nook

After - breakfast nook

Before - entry

After - entry

Before - office

After - office

After - office

Before - hallway between living room and kitchen

After - Hallway between living room and kitchen
I'm sure that decorations will be changed and others will be added but this is what our house looks like about 5 days post move-in!   Come and visit :)  We have a whole list of things to do to the back yard once spring comes but for now this is what it looks like:
view from back french doors

pool, shed, swing set and lots of fruit trees!

swing set with slide, rock wall, baby & adult swings, tire swing and monkey bars :)

The back view of the house
Can't wait for everyone to see it!

crazy wonderful busy life!

We have been moving the past week and therefore I have been dying to blog about all that has taken place in our life since I spoke with you last!  First, we had a very happy Thanksgiving with all the trimmings :)  We stayed here and spent it with just our little family.  We ate way too much food and watched Christmas movies.... then... Andrew woke up to go black Friday shopping... yes, he did!
Check out our Thanksgiving spread:

Once Thanksgiving hits... it's all about Christmas!  I wasn't able to decorate my house right away for Christmas due to the fact that we were moving.  So.. I decorated Selah everyday for Christmas :)

Next, Andrew and I had a date night out to one of his work holiday parties.  We got all dolled up and had a great time!  I squeezed my pregnant self into a formal dress and high heels.  I'm very proud of myself for this :)

Next, we moved.. and have been taking lots and lots of trips to Home Depot...

My next blog will be some before and after pictures of my house... stay tuned :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Selah Grace - Fall Photo Shoot

Selah and I went out for a little fall photo shoot yesterday.  I just love this little girl so much!  Her laugh and smile is infectious :)
Enjoy peeking at some of the pictures I took of her!

I also have these posted on my photography blog.  Click HERE to see the larger files :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hide & Seek

His Name!

Have you heard?  We are having a BOY!  We are so very excited :)

For Andrew and I, naming our children is one of the biggest joys we have had in our marriage.  We both feel that names carry such meanings and pray that the names we name them will carry such weight in their lives.

James Sterling Wagner

Doesn't that have such a magnificent ring to it?  You may not think so, but we do!

James - Origin is Hebrew / Meaning is Supplanter.  It is also a family name carried down by the first born Wagner men. 

Sterling - Origin is English / Meaning is little star, stellar, genuine, and of high value. 

I pray that he will become a stellar little star that carries a character in his soul that is considered of high value to those that he meets.  Andrew and I have already started discussing the things that we will teach and show him.  I've never been a Mom to a little boy, but I hear that they will melt your heart.  I'm excited to experience that kind of love.

We are still hoping that the meaning of Selah Grace's name will stick with her one day :)  She isn't very "still or peaceful" right now, but her smile is smothered with Grace.

Rainy Monday Morning

Good soggy morning to ya...
It is currently 65 degrees in Nashville right now and the sound of pitter patter on our skylight is making my bed look so inviting.  But the constant to-do list running in my mind is keeping me from cat napping.  This is what my boring morning has looked like so far...

Praise the Lord for nap time...

Now, it's time to clean up the "Selah Grace Disaster Zone"

Clipping Thanksgiving Day coupons :)

I may or may not have eaten a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast...

Lots and lots of rain

My to-do list is about two miles long!

I have been a terrible blogger the past few weeks!  Nothing too exciting has been going on just life as normal and doing lots and lots of photography jobs.  Also, I am slowly growing, growing, growing in to my maternity clothes and trying to get Selah to rapidly grow into her 12 month clothes.  We move in about 2.5 weeks and are SOO ready to move.  We have outgrown our space and are getting VERY antsy to get a move on!  The past couple of weeks have been filled with paperwork and packing boxes.  Nothing really blog worthy. 

I have been making a whole bunch of crafty things, but cannot post them.  They're Christmas presents :)

I'll keep you updated on the move.  It is going to be a whirlwind just a couple of weeks before Christmas... have I mentioned how ready I am to move??

Here is a little sneak peek of some of the iphone pictures I have snagged the past few weeks.. just to catch you up on the cuteness that is known in our house as, Selah Grace.

Do you spot something green?

Loves chatting with herself!

Passed plum out..

Shoe shopping with Daddy :)

That's a whole mouth full of teeth..

Love my little girl

Messy girl

got her slippers on and now ready to take the dog outside

Good morning Mom!
I love my simple life with my dramatic little girl!

Enjoy your rainy Monday.