Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy 27th Birthday Andrew!!

Today is Andrew's birthday! He is 27 today... basically an old man! Lots of things have been changing with Andrew and I lately (I'll be blogging on that later in the week!) but today is completely focused on celebrating the life of Andrew. There are so many wonderful things that I love about my husband.

Andrew, this is why I love you:

A- Active-
(Active- in action or full operation.)
You are always active in finding ways to better provide for your family. I appreciate you for this… More than you will ever know.

N- Numinous
(Numinous- Of or concerned with the spirit rather than the body or material things. Spiritual.)
You have become such a man of God. And as I sit back and watch, you inspire me to love God more and more.

D- Devoted
(Devoted- faithful, constant, loyal, devout.)
This is one of your best qualities. You are the most loyal person I have ever met. I am so thankful that the Lord gave our future children such a wonderful example of what it is to be loyal.

R- Remarkable
(Remarkable- Worthy of notice or attention.)
You are such a leader... and whether you can help it or not... you are gaining attention in all aspects of your life. But the best part about your character is that you do not set out to gain attention. And when you do gain attention, you stay humble. Your character is remarkable.

E- Effective
(Effective- adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result: effective teaching methods; effective steps toward peace.)
I love you for being effective in my world. For whenever I shut down, you bring peace and teach me how to show you my feelings. You are a great teacher and you always accomplish your purpose in whatever you are doing.

W- Willing
(Willing- Cheerfully consenting or ready.)
I know that moving here to be with me was hard... And I know that starting a new job was nerve raking. But even in the midst of all that fear you remained joyful and willing. I love you for this.

This past Saturday I threw a huge party for Andrew at Dave and Buster's. We had about ten couples there. They opened up overflow seating and we were able to have our own room for the party with TV screens and a pool table. I made a delicious cake (I was so proud of myself) for the party. The party could not have gone better!

Happy Birthday Andrew... I hope that you realize how special you are!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I have a reason to sing!

I know it has not been a few weeks since I have blogged about anything but cut me some slack... I started my job a few weeks ago and have been super busy trying to figure out what the heck I am doing! BTW- My job is going wonderfully. The paychecks aren't bad either! I am on my third week at the company and I still can't get over how fast the weeks go when you are busy with a new job. Bring on the fall!!!

Andrew's job has been super busy but really good. He is working a whole lot and is really doing a great job. I am very very proud of how hard he works to provide for our little family. Since we BOTH got paid this past week we spoiled ourselves and ate Mexican food and went glow golfing... so FUN! We are hoping that Andrew's sister and her husband come to visit soon. They want to come when it gets cooler and when the leaves start changing. I can't wait to take baby Addison to a pumpkin patch and take pictures of her. I am such a proud Aunt!!

There are lots of changes with us newlyweds but we are ready to walk through anything that Lord puts in front of us. Good or Bad. Melodie, one of my dearest friends, showed me this song today and it really touched my heart. To all my (2) faithful readers out there... Whatever you are going through, God is always there. He is always there to pick you up and carry you when you feel like you can't even walk. And even in those times that we are in pain, we need to remember that God is still God and he is worthy of praise. So whatever comes my way, I will always have a reason to worship. I will always have a reason to sing praise to my God.
"Desert Song" by Hillsong