Thursday, January 12, 2012

15 months old

The more I watch my children grow, the more and more I am 100% convinced that God knew exactly what he was doing when he planned their lives.  Selah Grace is now 15 months old and has started early with her toddler behavior.  But hear me out... her behavior is not ALL bad.  She has learned how to whine, throw herself on the ground in frustration, disobey intentionally, and has learned her own versions of how to be sneaky.  :) BUT... She has also learned more words, how to run without falling, and we are working on lots of skills like brushing her teeth, using utensils, and how to safely climb the stairs.  A really recent development is that she has learned how to shake her head "yes" when she wants something.  It has helped her not get so frustrated when she can't verbalize what she is trying to tell me.  I really notice the "toddler" behavior when she is frustrated.  I have to really catch myself from being overwhelmed with frustration when I see her act in this way.  I have to remind myself that there is a reason why she is doing such things and I really try to use patience in teaching her alternate ways of how to show me what she wants.  When you are massively pregnant and hormonal.. this is harder than you would think ;).

Yesterday, I took Selah out for a little photo shoot.  It is getting increasingly harder to take her out for a shoot by myself these days.  She is super wiggly and wants to explore everywhere.  Lots of pointing at all the trees, water falls, and birds.  I can't really capture her full attention anymore with my camera unless I have trapped her somewhere and can make her laugh.  It's not an easy job :)... but I enjoy capturing this stage of her life.  The one where I see more of her backside when we are at the park.  All of the snapshots I get of her little buckteeth in mid-sentence as she tells me, "see?" when she is in mid-exploration of new things. 

Just like Selah in her frustrations, I am having to embrace all these new changes in our life with an entirely new perspective.  I enjoy being on the other side of the camera, watching her play and laugh.  I feel blessed to be able to spend so much time with her, that I am able to teach her and take the time for the simple things in life that mold her little mind and heart into what it needs to be. 

And as for Mr. Sterling, he is a moving and a-shakin this morning.  Today, I am going to start preparing his room for his arrival.  I have lots of ideas and know that I need to reign it in.  I'll blame it on all day long!  He is healthy and measuring about two weeks ahead.  I did fail my first glucose test and then had to return for the THREE hour long second glucose test.  I haven't heard if I passed yet or not but I am hoping for good news :)

I'll blame that on eating WAY too many Christmas cookies!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome 2012!

Yesterday, Andrew and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.  I cannot believe how much we attempted to cram into the past three years.  I have learned so much about that man.  And I am oh so sure that he has learned a thing or two about me.  I'm sure if you ask either one of us for some stories... we could come up with a couple :)

It's funny how time works.  No matter how fast it flies by, my brain doesn't feel like it gets any older.  I turn 25 on Saturday and I can honestly say that it feels like I am still 18.  Three years - two kids - a dog - a house - a business... I feel accomplished.  But oh my.. satan and this world do not want me to feel accomplished.  Welcoming a new year brings lots of things to my mind.  I have big plans for this year and I feel like discouragement is on my heels trying to trip me up already.  The more children you have the more people believe that you are letting your dreams slip away from you.  The more God churns my heart to seek out new friendships, opportunities and possibilities.. the more satan whispers, "You can't do it." 

One skill I have sharpened this past year has been being able to discern God's voice against satan's.  Guarding my mind and heart from discouragement and truly being able to see God in my circumstance.  This has taken a little while and I will be working on it until the day I die but I am closer than I was.  Things that rocked my world several years ago are now memories that remind me how faithful God is.  2011 was great.. but 2012 is going to be even better!! 

I feel like my to-do list for this year is so exciting and a bit overwhelming.  I will have some adjusting to do once Sterling is born but I am already giving myself lots of pep talks.  Some things I want to do this year:  plant a huge garden in my new backyard, learn how to take care of my new fruit trees, loose all that baby weight after Sterling arrives, cook some new and inventive recipes for my family, wear my hair down more, spend more daily time with God, make at least 10 new friends, write more letters, be a great mom, become an even better wife, and not speed so much behind the wheel. :)

That is the short version of my list!  I hope and pray that you are feeling encouraged and not discouraged already this year.

Below are a few pictures that remind me that time isn't going to wait for me to catch up.  Selah Grace is growing up so fast.  This year, I will make it a point to stop and have tea parties with her, teach her how to swim, and show her the love of Jesus.  This morning, I found her giving her baby doll (her Christmas present) a spanking with a wooden spoon she smuggled from the dishwasher as I was unloading it.  I started laughing as I stood back to watch her.  As she put her baby in her new baby doll stroller, the poor plastic doll kept slipping out due to the amount of force Selah was shoving her in with.  The more the baby would fall the more frustrated Selah would get.  Finally, to get her babbling point across... the baby received a pop from the wooden spoon gripped tightly in my 15 month old's little hand.  I headed in to save the baby from more pain and agony and before I could get there, Selah had picked the baby up and kissed her on the forehead.  She gently laid the baby back into the stroller and tucked the wooden spoon beside her.. and off they went.  I couldn't help but laugh.  My life in 2012 is going to be very interesting.  Prayers are appreciated ;)

care for some tea?

 wanting me to take a picture of her ball..

Selah Grace's new baby doll

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Vacation 2011

This year, Andrew and I took a much needed Christmas vacation... Texas style :).  We visited both sets of families and left feeling very very blessed.  We were able to see some relatives that we haven't seen in almost a year.   We are officially back home and resting up from such a hectic end to 2011.  Now, it's time to start preparing for baby Sterling!! Here are some of my favorite pictures from Christmas: 

Webb Family Christmas tree

My Mom and Selah Grace

Playing a very exciting round of Farkle :)

iPad master...

present time

opening a gift from Selah Grace

got bows?

checking out all the goodies

caught by Papa

love him :)

baby doll!

cruising around the living room

playing with zsa zsa

all by herself :)


Dallas Zoo

Andrew, my brother, my dad Selah Grace, & I

that kid loves animals

with Honey and GPa

Merry Christmas!