Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wet and Wild

This past week we had "Wet and Wild" for Terrific Tuesday for the kiddos! Whenever you have little bitty kids with water... it always ends up CRAZY! Remind me to rethink how I do it for next time! The kids had fun but I was excited when 8 o'clock was here! Watch this video that I put together of the night. You all are probably sick of all my videos that I post but I am such a visual person that seeing the pics and video from the event really help grasp what went on! Hope you like it! =-)

Monday, July 14, 2008

I am a dreamer...

I have been told many a time... "Oh, Terra... you are just a dreamer."

I am. I am a dreamer.

My personality is big! God made me an intense individual for a reason. I admit it... I am intense! There... you have it! I dream of doing and wanting great things for the future. This sometimes comes with frustration from the other person across the table talking with me. This happens to be Andrew the majority of the time. It's not just that I am a dreamer and want pink flowers and glitter to coat everything I do or want. I will tell you what I want deep in my soul. This is something that the past couple of months I have really had to evaluate. Why do I want these things? Do I want them because I do, or because God has put a deep passion and desire in my heart for these things?

I desire...

  • to be a mother
  • for my voice to speak truth
  • to be free from sin that traps me
  • to make an impact on young women
  • a job when I get out of school
  • a job for Andrew that he is proud to have
  • a place to live that is ours
  • to share Jesus will all nations
  • to teach my children who God is
  • to live a life of purpose
  • to be used by God

I honestly just really want to be used by God. I want to live larger than life. I want to walk with God hand in hand. I do not want to be anywhere that is out of his will. I desire to sing at the top of my lungs about the God who saved me from myself. This summer has been about surrender for me. Surrendering myself to the one who created me. I am now waving the white flag. God, bring the rain. Mold me into the woman that you want me to be. When I smile, I want others to see you. When I serve, I want others to see you. When I sing, I want others to see you. My heart longs for you.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Zephyr Baptist Encampment

This past weekend I took my kids to Zephyr Baptist Encampment for Preteen Camp! We had a blast... watch the video to see how much fun we had!

Happy 4Th of July

Happy 4Th of July! Ok...Ok... I know that this a little late but I have been at preteen camp with my kids here at Brighton Park so I haven't been able to post. Mine and Andrew' one year anniversary was on the 4Th of July. So he surprised me with tickets to Fiesta Texas! His parents also wanted to take advantage of the holiday weekend and finally drive and meet my parents for lunch so that they could meet for the very first time! SCARY... =-)! It wasn't scary at all... our parents were great and it went very well! We ate at Rudy's... good ole' Texas BBQ. Back to the 4Th... so Andrew and I woke up early on Friday morning and then headed to Fiesta Texas. Bad idea to go on the 4Th but we just couldn't wait. We needed a break from reality. We had a blast even though it rained on us, and the crowds were very large. After we left Fiesta Texas we then drove to Gruene Texas and had dinner at the Gristmill... sooooo good! Around 11pm we arrived in Belton to spend the night at my parents house. The next morning my Mom had cooked breakfast... of course! We left around 11am to drive to Austin to meet Andrews parents for lunch. After lunch Andrew and I went to IKEA and then drove back to Corpus getting there around 10:30pm! What a road trip... so worth it!

PS: This video shows Andrew almost making me throw up on "The Hustler" at Fiesta Texas!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

50's Skate Night

Last night we had 50's Skate Night for the kids here. This was the most popular event so far. We had so much fun!! I decorated the place like a skating rink and it sure did feel like it also... My bottom is sore today from falling so many times! Last night was also monumental because we had the first rain in almost 2 months here. I love working with Children. They are so funny and very daring. Watch this video- and you will see my pastor, grandmother, and all my kids this summer have a great time dancing and skating the night away!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bat Flight

This past weekend the college group here at Brighton Park went to the Frio River in Concan. There were only 5 of us that went but we still had such a great time! This is a video of a Bat Cave we went to. At 8pm sharp, 12 million little blood suckers came flying out in a spiral around our heads. CREEPY! They were flying a little too close for comfort! We stayed for three days and we loved every minute of it!!! We had some good times... like when Andrew and Wayne (college minister) decided to have a marshmallow fight, or when Tammy (college ministers wife) woke me up in the middle of the night to foot steps outside our cabin window, or when we stuck marshmallows on Wayne and Tammy's old van and called it the "Marshmallow Mobile" the entire weekend... we had fun!