Monday, January 25, 2010

Cosmic Bowling

When you are faced with a rainy Saturday what can you do? Obviously the answer is Cosmic Bowling! Andrew and I, along with some pretty great friends, went cosmic bowling a couple weekends ago after eating mexican food... don't really know if those two things are supposed to go together... it made for a great night though. I lost.. both games. What a fun time though!

It brought me back to a horrific flashback of my junior year of highschool.

Cosmic Bowling... 2003. Black lights, white bra, not a white shirt. I got a whole lot of stares that night.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


We have successfully made it to our 1 year anniversary! This year has flown by and I know that as we grow old, time will even begin to fly by faster. We are so grateful to our friends and family for loving and encouraging us throughout this crazy year! We have been through some really hard things this year, but we have our heads held high, looking toward the one who guides our marriage. We are very eager to see what the Lord has in store for our family in 2010. Please pray for Andrew and I to make wise decisions and to love each other more everyday.

Happy Anniversary Andrew. I love you.

Our First Christmas

Our First Christmas! It certainly flew on by. My parents were so kind and drove 13 hours to come and spend Christmas with us. They really sacrificed themselves to make sure that Andrew and I were not alone on this special holiday. So I want to give a big "THANK YOU & I LOVE YOU ALL" to my family for making it so special! We played games, visited the Grand Ole Opry Hotel, drank some bubble smoothies, ate steak, took family pictures, opened presents and played with Ginger. It was a holiday to remember. I hope that you and your family had a very Merry Christmas and you remembered what it was all about.


Everyone, Ginger! Ginger, Everyone!

This is the 3 lb little treasure that I received for Christmas this year. She arrived 3 days before Christmas and is the cause of lots of joy at our house. She loves to hear herself bark and continues to jump up and down in front of the mirror looking at herself. She is not potty-trained, much to Andrews dismay, but it will happen soon... we hope!

So come over and visit Ginger... she will lick your face off!

First Annual Cookie Exchange

The weekend before Christmas, My super friend Shana and I threw our first annual cookie exchange at my house. It went so well! We had everyone bring 5 dozen cookies. Each person left with 5 dozen, each 1/2 dozen was a different kind of cookie. I wanted to put this party on so that we could have a whole bunch of different kinds of goodies to share with friends and family at Christmas time. We had tons of food and fun! We also had a judging contest with prizes!