Monday, July 29, 2013

2.5 and 16 months old!

It's hard to see the slow growth in little bodies that you see day in a day out.  Good thing I take so many pictures of those sweet little bodies :).  When I look at my two kiddos through my camera it becomes abundantly apparent how much and how quickly they are changing.  This past week, Selah decided that she wanted to take some pictures.  She received a new dress in the mail from her Honey, so it was perfect timing for some summertime portraits.  Enjoy these simple and sweet photos.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Good Morning Mama

Just a sweet little video of how Selah greeted me yesterday morning.

Mid -July fun!

I cannot complain... this weather so far in July has been a-mazing.  Last week we had one day only get up to 79 degrees.  WHAT??  Yep.  you heard me right.  79 whopping degrees.  Lovely, just lovely.

We have made our rounds the past few weeks to lots of fun things.  The dollar movie, splash pad, 1/2 off sonic ice cream (score!), drive in movies, swimming in our pool, the library (which didn't last long) the zoo, the adventure science center, etc..

We have been going and blowing!  I have had to slow down the past few days though because I (once again) separated my pelvic bone in my pregnancy.  Those hips of mine are very wobbly these days.  Sooo... today we are having a movie day so that I can catch up on some work and rest our legs (and other areas).   Here are some pictures from our recent adventures.

laying listening to a summer rain shower with Mom
Sterling attacked Selah's artwork in the backseat of the car.  What a cute little glitter face :)

Pool night in our backyard :)

summer chores ;)

about to make some yummy oatmeal cookies!


July 4th showing of  Despicable Me 2!

July 4th showing of  Despicable Me 2!

we met Daddy for some lunch 

lots of rain showers and rainbows this summer

telling her Dad some secrets 

Sterling & Ginger.. chillin in the sunspots

Our neighbors put on one heck of a fireworks show

Gracie out in her pjs with Andrew watching the fireworks

he's a wildman with sparklers

Brave girl!  Sparklers in her pjs.

lots of smoke on our street once the night was over with.  

chick-fil-a pirate night

about to get trampled in the bounce house

you go girl!

stealthy little sterling man 

love this sweet face!

half-naked super baby 

about to have a super disaster...

lots of head bumping and cheek bruising going on.  Boys are rough.
he doesn't look too thrilled but they had a great time playing at the science adventure center!

science adventure center

splash pad madness!