Monday, October 31, 2011

Walden Pumpkin Farm 2011

Andrew and I have a yearly tradition of going to the best pumpkin farm around here during the fall, Walden Pumpkin Farm.
We even enjoyed ourselves without having kids... but now it is a blast because Selah is here and is so much more active.  One thing I love about Tennessee is the Fall.  The colors, weather, and all of the pumpkin patches.  Last year when we went I was BIG with baby... 2 days away from giving birth to Selah Grace.  This year, I was 4 months pregnant with baby no 2 and chasing around my one year old!  Time sure does fly :)

Enjoy the pictures I snagged of our pumpkin adventure:

Monday, October 17, 2011

18 weeks and counting

I have officially hit my growth spurt...  ya know, the one where the baby doubles in size... therefore you start to look like a pumpkin ready for the pickin... yep, that one.  I'm 18 weeks and counting!  We will find out in just a few short weeks if a little boy or girl will be joining our family in the spring. 
Along with my rapid growth, Selah got rapidly sick this week.  Lovely, right?  This past weekend will go down as our first experience with a really really sick child.  Selah spent most of the weekend projecting liquid from every crevice of her body.  It didn't help that we were in the car for a total of 12 hours in a 72 hour time period.  Car motion, projectile vomit, diarrhea... do you get the picture yet?  Totally gross.  We survived by the hair on Andrew's chiny chin chin and arrived home last night with lots of stories to one day tell our children when they are going through the same thing :)
This weekend was also my brother and sister-in-law's wedding reception in Ohio.  Here are some of the pictures I took for them:

Here is one picture that shows of the spurt growing ;)

They say you pop out quicker with your second child... let's hope the popping slows a little :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Selah turned ONE!

Well... It has come and gone.  Selah Grace is now one and we had a great party to celebrate :)

It was a costume party filled with games, dinner, dessert, and smores by the fire.  We had an egg & spoon relay and then a pumpkin roll for the older kids.  Peter Pan, The Flinstone Family, and even a miniature bear showed up ready for fun!  I handmade everything except for the cupcakes which my Mom helped me out with.  Selah's banner and cupcake stand turned out so well.. I was pretty pleased.  We had lots of tables and chairs and of course the bon fire with LOTS of smores to be made.  The kids left with big pumpkin goodie bags full of sugary candy.  Overall I think that it was a success!  Happy Birthday Selah Grace.  You are so special! 

Here are a few pictures of the highlights: 

The dessert table

Owl Cupcakes

Cupcake Stand Topper

extra cupcakes

Smash CAKE!

Edible Acorns... Yum!

Peter Pan, Wendy, & Tinker Bell

Sean actually made his mask... It looked so real!

a baby bear and her victims.... HAHA!

Ethan the dragon!

The bear attack survivors are needing some grub...

The first "Real Housewife of Nashville" and her little owl! 

My Mom helped me with my golden eyelashes... and got glue in my eyeball.

The Flinstone Family

crazy hair girl :)

Selah and her honey

Mini Mouse

A Race car Driver & a Firefighter

A Monkey and a Kitty

Power Ranger doing the egg relay

GPa and Selah

The Pumpkin Roll

Smash Cake Time!!