Saturday, April 26, 2008

Soul'd Out at Bongo Java!

Soul'd Out is having a show at Bongo Java on May the 1st at 6pm! If you are in the area... then show up and enjoy our show! This is our final concert because Elliott is leaving us to graduate and then head to the big apple to sing with a group called Blue Jupiter! This show is going to be incredible!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Summer Time

I could not be more excited about this summer! I have a feeling that it will be wonderful! I was going to stay in Nashville, TN but plans changed and now I am venturing back to God's country... TEXAS! I am going to do some wedding planning with my crazy red-headed mother, spend some time with the familia, play with kids, be near the man who stole my heart, and just RELAX! I am in desperate need of some R&R. This semester has been crazy to put it lightly and I am ready for some change and a fresh new beginning when I come back to Nashvegas in the fall! I am frantically hitting the gym in between studying for finals.. because I have to look good in a bathing suit when I go to the beach with Andrew! :) I am so excited that I get to focus on my wedding instead of forcing myself to do homework instead. I actually should be forcing myself to edit my 15 page paper right now. But I promise, I will not be bridezilla upon arrival of the big day... I will prove you all wrong! Watch me! :) Now go outside and enjoy the day! It is 75 degrees and sunny!

The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord. Pslam 45:11

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Prison Ministry

Today, The Soul Choir had two concerts. Our concerts were in a prison here in Nashville- not only for the inmates but also for their families. The 11:30 am concert was for the woman inmates and their children. This was an easier concert, emotionally. The children seemed much more happy to crawl into their mothers lap. I can only imagine what those little ones go through having the one who is supposed to be their nurturer in prison. The women were so overwhelmed that when it was time to say goodbye to their family members and especially their children it was hard to keep tears from coming to my eyes. The male inmate concert was even more rough. This concert was at 1pm and there were lots of wives and girlfriends that came with their children. Not many kids wanted to crawl in their daddy's lap or run to him when they saw him. The environment was completely different. This just shows me how important it is for fathers to step up in our society and take charge against adultery, abuse, abandon, or crime that eventually leads to prison. The destruction in the eyes of their spouses was hard to see. The resentment I saw in many single mom's faces as their little ones would cry when they would try to place the baby in their dad's arms. Doing prison ministry with the Soul Choir has taught me so much. For one "Don't do Drugs" and two "Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul"... for without him there is no telling where my humanness could take me. By the grace of God I have been set free, by the Grace of God my sins are forgiven. I am no different from that inmate. Their sin is just like my sin.

Friday, April 18, 2008

My Friend Lauren

So here's the deal... My lovely and beautiful friend Lauren Wedertz loves to read my blog!  I am writing this blog in honor of her... my number one fan!  As the picture shows... Lauren is a talented, creative, and one of the most beautiful people that I know!  She loves to learn and is fascinated by people that are different than she is.  She thinks that I will be a hot mom and she works at Ann Taylor Loft just so that I can have a discount on my hot mom clothes.  Lauren is wonderful, everyone should know her in their lifetime.  So here is to Lauren Elizabeth Wedertz... the future of tomorrow!  

I love you Lauren :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bubble Tea...

I am in love... with Fat Straw! Melodie and I found this amazing place and everyone should know that it exists! It can be found on the corner of Edgehill and Villa off of Music Row! Go and find out for yourself and try the Bubble Tea! If you don't like it... then you are lame. :)

Mix 92.9

Also on Sunday, The Soul Choir got invited to sing at the radio station Mix 92.9 from 8:30 to 9am. What a cool experience! There are 16 of us in the choir but only about 10 were there that morning! My Mom and Dad were able to listen to me via internet that morning! Sunday was a big ole' day full of first times for me. My first time to sing on the radio and my first time to meet Bill Gaither. What a day! The man interviewed us that morning was named Brian Mason... He really loved the Soul Choir. We went on not only to promote our music but also to promote our trip to Italy in the Fall! We are having a benefit fundraiser at Ceasars Italian Resturant off of White Bridge road! 50 dollars a ticket will get you an incredible all you can eat buffet, and a live performance from the Soul Choir. We are excited! Check out how you can help at

2nd Annual Hymn Sing

Sunday, something monumental happened! I met Bill Gaither, one of the most incredible musicians of all time! Recently I was just honored by becoming the intern of The Nashville Choir, so I work for the Director John Coates. Saturday I get a phone call that would change my life forever! I found out that on Sunday he was giving me the job of taking him around to all of the Artists including, Amy Grant, Melinda Doolittle, Travis Cottrell, and Bill Gaither to get his picture taken with them! I could not have been more excited! I was able to spend some one on one time with each artists- face to face! My dream came true when I was able to tell Bill Gaither how much his ministry means to me and then he reached over and kissed me on the cheek... so sweet! I can die a happy woman. I take that back... I will die a happy woman once I get to marry that curly headed boy I love so much! God never ceases to amaze me. Throughout my time here in Nashville, God has blessed me so abundantly. Don't get me wrong, there have been some really trying times, but God always seems to just pick me up and carry me until I can walk again. I tend to crawl more than I walk. I am still learning what it means to be a Woman after God's own heart and I don't think that I will ever quit learning. I have noticed that I wake up everyday thinking, "I wonder what God will do with me today?" I challenge you to wake up tomorrow morning and think that question... you may be surprised what God does in your day :)

Moosic City Dairy Dash

So to add to the craziness of my week... I had a group project for my Junior Cornerstone Class to participate in a local event that is physical and supports and organization. Well we decided to do the Moosic City Dairy Dash in Nashville, it supports the Gilda's Club. We decided to run the 5K! Now, I have never ran a race... and I had to train for this thing... what an experience. My friend Melodie whipped me into shape! This past saturday we showed up at 7:30 and got registered and then ran! At about the 1/2 mile marker I felt like I was going to die... but shortly after that dramatic moment were I freaked out mentally... I realized that I wasn't going to die. So I finished the race in 36 minutes! I am very proud of myself and I posted a picture to prove it that I ran it. Knowing my brothers and sisters.. if there is no proof there would be no belief! Basically, I am a champion.

Go and check out the video of our 5K that we have to use for our presentation on youtube...

Session Concert!

This past week was completely crazy for me! It started out with Advising Extravaganza.. which the name always cracks me up... for next semester! I am taking 17 hrs. Then Tuesday night was the session show! We worked so hard preparing everything, and it ended up being incredible! I am soooo proud of session.. we pulled it together so quickly and I actually arranged two of the pieces with Melodie and Lauren, "Hold on" & the "Bob Marley Medley". I added the picture from our poster, which was supposed to resemble the "Brady Bunch". The theme of the show was T.V. Night. I directed two movie clips, "The Drama" based on the show "The Office" and "Session Idol" based on the show "American Idol"! The movies were a hit! I am just happy that it is done and that we did well... FYI- I only have two more semester left of College!!! Can you believe it!? :)

Also... go and check out the "Session Idol" video that I directed on youtube...