Saturday, May 3, 2008

13 hrs... 900 Miles

Today I finally arrived in Texas for the summer!! I have traveled this trip many a time by myself but this time was particularly interesting! It started out like this... May the 2nd, 2009 I took a final exam at 2pm that hopefully I passed! After I left my exam I jumped in my car and started out for Arkadelphia, AR where I would stay the night! One hour into my trip... things got interesting! Somewhere in between Memphis and Nashville, I hit really bad weather! Within a minute I could not see the road so along with the entire right lane of cars... I pulled over! I did not realize I was on a bridge until the man in the car in front of mine ran up to my car and told me to get in my floor board- we were on bridge and there was a tornado on the ground two miles away! Not being dramatic at all... I dove underneath the steering wheel! After 5 minutes of hail, tree branches snapping, and my car shaking like crazy... the rain stopped! When we got out of our cars to look around, it looked like the tornado had passed over the top of us! It was soo scary! Then two hours down the road, I sat in stand still traffic for an hour and a half because a semi caught on fire! The first half of my trip was supposed to take 6 hours really took 8 hours and 30 minutes. I finally arrived at the very glamorous Quality Inn located in Arkadelphia, AR for the night! Today's 6 hour drive was calm and clear... Thank Goodness!!!

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