Monday, January 25, 2010

Cosmic Bowling

When you are faced with a rainy Saturday what can you do? Obviously the answer is Cosmic Bowling! Andrew and I, along with some pretty great friends, went cosmic bowling a couple weekends ago after eating mexican food... don't really know if those two things are supposed to go together... it made for a great night though. I lost.. both games. What a fun time though!

It brought me back to a horrific flashback of my junior year of highschool.

Cosmic Bowling... 2003. Black lights, white bra, not a white shirt. I got a whole lot of stares that night.

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Shana L. Edinger said...

Ok so I was way behind on blog reading. Tonight I decided to catch up. What a fun suprise to find. We love you guys. You have been such a blessing to our lives. And you bring us many halarious moments!