Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't worry.. be happy!

I am now entering into the most comfortable part of pregnancy. Hallelujah! 16 weeks and counting.

I have begun to notice that "American" women have a reputation for being utterly CRAZY when they are pregnant. Andrew and I went to go see that movie "The Back-Up Plan" yesterday and it was a great movie - really funny! But one thing just seemed to rub me the wrong way and I couldn't get it off of my mind the entire day.

Why do pregnant woman think that they have an excuse to act like a mean hungry person for 9 months?

Yes, trust me... I do understand that hormones are raging and hunger does seem to be present but really y'all... it is not like an alien invades your brain and body for 9 months and then all of the sudden you are back to normal. I have had my fair share of pregnancy woes but I don't really think that gives me an excuse to act like a crazy person!

Is any one hearing me out there or am I the only one that feels this way?

I am sure that if Moms from 100 years ago saw the crazy attitudes and constant paranoia they would laugh.. hard!

Pregnancy is a wonderful joyful thing. So ladies, let's remember that there are women out there that would love to have swollen feet and a kicking baby inside of them. There are women that would do anything to have a baby. Pregnancy is a blessing. Think twice before you start to complain or act like a crazy person. Honor God with your attitudes and actions during your pregnancy. Lean on Christ when pregnancy seems to get the best of you. He is the one who created it.. I think he can handle it. Trust me, you will be a more joy-filled person and your spouse will be a little more joy-filled as well. You know what they say, if momma ain't happy then no one is happy.

Be a blessing to someone today.


Danielle said...

Looking sweet already! I'm so excited for you!

Jackie Lura said...

I totally agree with you (about the just because you are pregnate does not give you the excuse to act like a crazy person!)!

I enjoyed my 9months :) My sisters both had miscarriages and I know of women who couldnt get pregnate (I thought I was one of those... it felt like we tried for so long...(almost a year)) so I knew each little heartbeat in my tummy was a blessing.

I refused to post on FB if I was having morning sickness or swollen feet or back pain... because all i could think of was "duh" im pregnate!

To this day my husband braggs about how great I acted during my pregnancy... and I did slip up, but when I did I apologized almost immediatly to him.

May the Lord bless you in this sweet time in your life!