Friday, October 8, 2010

The next time we talk... she'll be here!

Yesterday was my last doctor's appointment before I am induced on Monday!  YEAH!  It was an incredible feeling to not have to schedule ANOTHER appointment when I left the office yesterday.

We had an ultrasound to see an approx weight for Selah Grace.  According to my due date I will be 39 weeks starting on Monday.  Yesterday, Selah was measuring 42 WEEKS!  She is, according to the ultrasound, 8lbs and 5oz.  Big Baby.  The doctor said she could be a pound more or a pound less when she is born.  Let's hope that she is the pound less. :)

I have an abundance of amniotic fluid. My doctor says that once my water is broken the pounds will come flying off.  I think she is just trying to offer up an hope she can due my miserable state of existence right now.  I was so incredibly swollen when I went to the doctor yesterday that my ankles and the heels of my feet were deep purple and bruised.  Lovely.

When I asked my doctor if Selah Grace was going to fit all she could do was say, "I hope!"

SO... Monday is the day, people!  We will all get to FINALLY see Selah Grace's sweet chubby face.  We got a little peek at her round face on the ultrasound yesterday, but couldn't get a good picture.  She's gonna be a chunk! 

Andrew and I will be arriving at the hospital at 6:30am on Monday morning.  Please pray that everything goes smoothly and that Andrew does not pass out while I am in labor.  It's a legit concern here folks. Also, we will let everyone know when would be a good time for visitors.  We are not sure how everything is going to play out on Monday.. aka.. there is always a possibility that I could be in labor for 12 hours or have to have a c-section... so we will let you know when visitors can come by the hospital to meet Selah. I have been asked by a lot of you when people can come, so I will just say... be on stand-by!

This has been quite the journey.  A whole lot of emotional healing and physical itching has taken place.  Thanks for praying Andrew and I along this past year and a half.  We greatly appreciate everything our friends and family have done to love and support us. 

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