Saturday, January 1, 2011

Selah Grace's Dedication

The most important thing that Andrew and I could do for Selah is to point her toward Christ.  At our church they have the baby dedication twice a year.  Once at Christmas, and the other at Mother's day. This was so incredibly important to Andrew and I.  We want to start leading Selah to the throne now.  Even if she doesn't realize what is going on... one day we will be accountable to God for how we raised her.  From birth to death. 

We didn't have any blood family near but we did have all of our church family there to support us.  It was so neat to stand up there and realize that I was handing my baby to God.  She is his first and foremost.  We just get the honor of kissing those chubby cheeks every moment of the day here on earth.  We love you Selah Grace!

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