Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things I love this week - DIY!

Sorry... long time - no blog!  I have been super busy with my Mom being in town and me gearing up for becoming a stay at home Mom!! Very exciting for our family :)

Since, I am now going to have a little time on my hands, I have some things I want to do! I am always wanting to create something.  I think that is my Mom coming out in me.  Every week I catch myself looking at new and fun things to create.  Just thought I would fill you in on what goodies I have found this week :)

I want my craft area to look like this!  So COLORFUL!

I have made one of these for a friend before but now I will be making one for me!

Organization is my thing..

Easy and cute idea for wall art!

Love this idea!

I want my guest bedroom to look like this at Christmas time.

Another idea for great wall art!


Pillows made out of old sweaters!

You crochet these!

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