Tuesday, December 20, 2011

crazy wonderful busy life!

We have been moving the past week and therefore I have been dying to blog about all that has taken place in our life since I spoke with you last!  First, we had a very happy Thanksgiving with all the trimmings :)  We stayed here and spent it with just our little family.  We ate way too much food and watched Christmas movies.... then... Andrew woke up to go black Friday shopping... yes, he did!
Check out our Thanksgiving spread:

Once Thanksgiving hits... it's all about Christmas!  I wasn't able to decorate my house right away for Christmas due to the fact that we were moving.  So.. I decorated Selah everyday for Christmas :)

Next, Andrew and I had a date night out to one of his work holiday parties.  We got all dolled up and had a great time!  I squeezed my pregnant self into a formal dress and high heels.  I'm very proud of myself for this :)

Next, we moved.. and have been taking lots and lots of trips to Home Depot...

My next blog will be some before and after pictures of my house... stay tuned :)

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