Thursday, May 30, 2013

slowin it down for summer

Where do I even begin?

When I think about what I have been doing for the past few months, my mind goes to a million different events, emotions, and nauseating memories... literally.   

I am one of those pregnant women that could recreate breakfast at lunch within a matter of seconds.. if you know what I mean.  Oh my goodness... I am laughing just rereading that.. and it makes me feel sick.  *sigh*

There are parts of my life these days that kind of feel like a blur and some emotions and events that seem to stick with me continuously.  I am now 12 weeks pregnant with my third baby (Not including my miscarriages).  I am weirdly and deliriously so joy-filled about this pregnancy.  I have a total peace.  Maybe it's God's gift to me before all heck breaks loose in my house once the baby gets here a week before Christmas.  On a positive note, this year we will be able to recreate the Christmas story.  Except for I want the version with an epidural and room service.

When I am not changing diapers and putting things back into their drawers, I am usually doing my photo thing.  Wanna see what I have been up to with that?? Just click here to take a peek.  I have been juggling both now for a while and I am slowly getting the hang of it.  Each season has its own unique challenges. Some days my laundry suffers or my hair and face do not get done.  Ok, let's be honest... that last part is a daily thing.  All in all... I am learning how to show myself grace in those moments where I cannot be everything to everyone.  

My kids are getting so big and they are BFF's already.  In between the walls of our home they are like raccoons in a trashcan and stealthily can create chaos within seconds.  I find myself frantically singing the clean up song at the top of my lungs while I am down on the floor throwing toys into bins while my kids are throwing popcorn at each other while watching The Lorax for the millionth time.  When people ask me about my third pregnancy... I laugh.  For many reasons really.  One, I am nervous.  Two, I'm out of mind.  Three, I have nothing witty to say on the spot about it.  Four, I am happy.  

This summer we are going to slow the pace down a little bit.  I'm going to take more pictures (not just with my phone) of my kids versus everyone else's kids.  And we are going to learn how to swim, Lord help us all.  I am going to soak in the moments of being a mom of two before I am a mom of three.  Here comes the nervous laughter...

You will hopefully see a lot more of my blogging this summer.  I'm determined to get back on a schedule and now that my summer will intentionally be slower... maybe I will be more consistent with it.  I've got a TON of Pinterest crazy projects planned.. so get ready for lots and lots of pictures :).  Maybe my Mom will start reading my blog then.  "More pictures, less words" is her motto.

I'm ready to get this summer started... but NOT ready to be in a bathing suit.  Did I mention that I am pregnant with my third child.  Gracious.

A few pictures of what we have been doing lately (all pictures taken with my iPhone).

love seeing this sweet face in the rear-view mirror

at the zoo with my littles


superman down!


Sterling has learned to bit.. happy happy joy joy

her big baby

this girl loves her some frozen yogurt

they lounge together

sick with a fever virus :(

his new favorite hang-out


she is in love with our "play" puppy's bed.  Bless her heart.

he's looking like such a big boy :(

oreo love

bath time love

daddy teaching them how to injure themselves and break breakable things

checking out this years garden!

memorial day hot dogs on the porch

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