Tuesday, September 17, 2013


My life is crazy these days.  If you have been watching my statuses on Facebook over the past few weeks, you can tell that I have lost completely control over my children, dog, and - well - basically my entire household.  The boxes, the mess, the poop (I truly do not have the mental capacity to explain that one at this time), and time that marches on as I slowly fall behind... all a bit chaotic.

For those of you that do not know, we are moving to Texas.  Andrew accepted a job near to where our family currently lives and we are super pumped about the free babysitting seeing them more often.  We only have just a few short weeks left here before our closing date on our home in Tennessee.  It has all happened very fast and has been a bit of a bumpy ride so far.  And I feel like I need a sign posted on the door that reads,   "Beware... of well... everything."

I find myself blaring Mandisa's new song "overcomer" over the speakers in the house and shouting it like my life depends on it as I walk in circles wondering what to do next.  My children are going to have some fond memories of their Mom ;).

I couldn't help but chuckle as I ran around this morning trying desperately hard to find clean underwear. As crazy as this moment in time was, I want to remember it.  Except for the whole not being able to find clean underwear thing... that's a little alarming.

This insane time represents the ending of an old chapter and a beginning of a new one.  It's a short moment and will be gone so quickly.  It's like those autumn leaves we desperately wait for all year just to watch them fall a couple of weeks later.

Just to give you some perspective on what my world looked like this morning... here are some pictures I snapped while getting ready. This all took place within a 30 minute time span.

Doesn't this bath tub just want to make you dive in?  Some little booger decided to decorate this morning and rub soap all over the bottom of the bathtub.  I almost killed myself with a big ole slip when I stepped in.  Also, I couldn't find the shampoo while in the shower this morning - notice the bottom right hand side the photo.  Selah decided to hide it under the rug.  Lordy.

I found this spot on my dresser comical.  There is no explanation for this photo other than these are some of the items keeping me sane these days.  Melatonin to help a teething boy sleep and a Better Homes and Gardens magazine for when I need to escape to someone else clean home for a minute.  

This pile has doubled since this morning.  Who has time to fold all this stuff?

The only one enjoying the pillows off of the unmade bed.  I cannot show you a picture of the bed.  It makes me weep. 

Just in time to leave for bible study at church.  She was just get everything out of the drawer so that I can put it into a box...

While I grab her shoes, she begins making a trail to the stairs out of our DVD cases.  So much for ever watching those again.

Can you find Sterling anywhere?  Because I certainly can't.

One last moment to mourn the loss of our "UP" DVD.  Sad day :(

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