Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Amish Monday

Last night we had Amish Monday!!! Yeah! I really missed my friends. We were celebrating Livi and Jared's BDay and you can see in the picture to the left... I made them a beautiful cake. The flower to the left kinda melted and then looked like a pink blob... but it was a good tasting pink blob. All 15 of us scarfed it down very quickly... Good ole' Betty Crocker. It was good to see some smiling faces that love me because this past week has been super hard for me. Not stressful, just... emotionally tiring. You know, when you bounce from place to place so often and are jerked away over and over again from the people that you love to follow God's will it is very hard then to turn around and just be ok and have faith. The nasty enemy has really kicked me while I was down this week. He always seems to know just when my heart is hurting and that one more kick would just make it crumble and then he... kicks. Sometimes I have to really step back and evaluate where there is spiritual attack in my life. The body of Christ is so very important! Alot of college students do not feel that Church is important or needed in their lives. I beg to DIFFER! It is not just having a building to go and sit, check off your box, and then head to Applebees with some friends leaving the word you heard right in the pew that you sat in when you left... it is about relationship, fellowship, sharing your lives with other believers, disciplining the young in faith, encouraging one another!!! That is what The Soul Choir and all my friends at Amish Monday did for me this week. They lifted me up and they gave my strength... I needed them because this week to love me and encourage me. I need to depend on people. More importantly I need to really trust God and then I really need to have friends that I can go to and trust that they will love me despite my sin and circumstances. Everyone needs these kind of friends and everyone needs to be this kind of friend.

"A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself."

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J'net said...

PPPPLLLEEEAAAAASSSEEEE change the the to an A. I am only a little ocd!...Love your MOM