Friday, October 17, 2008

"I Shine Live"

Today my friend Julianne called me to ask for my help with a project she is doing for the producer of the "I Shine Live" tour. Today I spent a couple of hours calling different schools in Pennsylvania to offer free promotional materials for the event. Whenever you happen to do telemarketing at any point in time you will always talk to a few characters on the phone... and you never forget about them either!

At around 3pm I called my last school in PA and this meek and gentle woman answered the phone. I began to present this tour to this very quiet woman and at the end of my blabbering on and on she asked me softly, "are you done yet?"

I was a little taken back...

After I told her yes that I was, she told me that at her school they only study from the bible. I then began to describe her that this tour for "tweeners" was biblically based and a great tool for the gospel. She got very quiet.

After a few seconds of silence, she goes off on me! She begins to explain how they don't have radio, television, or the Internet. They have class under trees, and study from the bible and that they don't need anybody else to teach their children. I was so taken back that I almost laughed! I couldn't understand if this was a joke or not.. and then the unthinkable happened... This woman started telling me that I needed God and to not be so worldly.

I had no words.

I told her that I believed in God, but that I was only calling about a great event to help 8-11 year olds learn more about Jesus. She told me that I needed to get off the phone immediately and pray. I told her goodbye and then she informed me that she was Amish and that it would be wise if I became Amish as well. After she hung up... I sat there- stared at the wall- then busted out laughing... then I prayed for her.

Please pray for this Amish woman!

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