Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall Break!

So these past few days have been fall break and Andrew has been in town... :)! I took him to the airport this morning at 4:30am. So early! This past weekend we did some job hunting, wedding band shopping, pick nicking, etc. We went and saw that movie, "Fireproof". It was awesome... I completely recommend it! Andrew arrived Friday and left this morning. It was sad. I hate having to take him to the airport and then be left alone again. It is not a good feeling, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Besides the sad part where he left- we had a lot of fun. Yesterday, Andy (Andrew's best friend from Georgia), drove up to see us. We went to Fat Straw, checked out the sites, and I even cooked an amazing dinner for us last night!

Last night, I cooked Chicken Alfredo, Texas toast, and salad. As I began dinner I had the boys go to the grocery store for me and pick up stuff for a salad. When they returned they were acting all funny but I didn't think anything of it because when they are together they are hilarious and always up to something. I just went on about my business and finished dinner.

As we were sitting down to eat I realized that there was a hamburger meat whale sitting on the table. Now let me explain- I DO NOT like the texture of ground up hamburger meat and I am really afraid of whales. They took the time to buy the meat and then hide it in the living room as they crafted a whale out of it. NASTY BOYS!! It is now in my freezer... And they hope that every time I open my freezer, I will see the whale made out of hamburger meat and think of them. Clever... and mean.

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