Saturday, November 15, 2008

Soul Choir Retreat

Last weekend Soul Choir had a retreat at Michael W. Smith's Ranch in Franklin, TN. It was so neat to walk around and see pictures on the wall of MWS with Billy Graham, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and George Bush senior. As I drove out there I thought that I was never going to make it because I had to take all of these back roads with no cell phone service at all! Once I made it... I was in AWE! MWS' ranch backs up to Amy Grant's ranch. When I woke up saturday morning I looked out of the window and there were cows in the front yard... it was quite a sight to see! I wasn't able to stay the whole weekend because I was moving all of our stuff into our new apartment!!! We signed the lease on November the 7th... we officially have our first home together... we are getting married in 6 weeks and then we will head to TN for our life together in our cute little apartment. Here are some pictures from MWS' ranch.. enjoy!

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