Friday, January 16, 2009

Home is Where the Heart is...

Well here are the most recent pictures of our cute little apartment! We have had to compromise.. like he got to hang his redneck signs, Chuck Norris calendar and put his neon cactus lamp in the guest bedroom. Yes ladies and gentlemen- he had a neon cactus lamp! Andrew giggles every time he sees the calendar that says "Chuck Norris had his tonsils removed with a chain saw." That is the quote for January... it is the first thing you see when you walk in the door. I do have to say that I was very pleased with the master bedroom... all the furniture fit! The one thing that is a little hard to control is the hiding the surround sound speakers in the living room and their wires... you will see what I am talking about when you look at the pics... it was a little unavoidable. Andrew and I have a whole lot of stuff. We had a hard time finding room for it all. Every closet is packed full of various gadgets!!!

Enjoy the pictures
Above is the living room view from the dining room... see the wires. I chose to not let it drive me crazy!

Above is the view from the front door.... see all the speakers! It is a sacrifice for the sound while watching a movie in our tiny living room!

Above is the view when sitting on the big couch... This tiny living room is being overtaken with huge red furniture and huge speakers!!

Presenting our dining room...

Here is our little kitchen... Andrew makes fun of me because I am a fanatic cleaner.

Above is the guest bedroom...

I have no words....

This is pretty self-explanatory.

The master bedroom... it is so pretty!

I haven't put pictures in the frames yet because I am waiting to get wedding pictures!

I even got to keep my vanity... I still need to change out the knobs to clear glass... they are still pink.

Above is my beautiful jewelry box... with a flowers on top.

The hamper and shelves with another picture-less frame and our little figures that are in love.

If you want the grand tour then you have to come and visit us!!!

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reedfamily said...

Terra...I don't know if you noticed...but the stand your TV is on in the pic...that is our living room furniture as well!!!! I just noticed that. TOO FUNNY!