Thursday, July 16, 2009

An incredible bargain!!!

So yesterday I went to Dillards to go and look at some Fiestaware that I love so dearly but before I got there I was lured away by a BIG clearance table in front of the Fiestaware. There sat a mibook. The mibook is designed to guide you step by step through all kinds of circumstances like: Cooking, Pregnancy, Decorating, Gardening, etc... It comes with SD memory cards that include 150 how-to-videos. This is a great product for a newlywed like me that is learning how to take care of a home. The mibook is regularly $130 and the SD memory cards are sold for $19.99 a piece. Never in a million years would I pay that much for all of that! Especially when I can go to and print off recipes. But, then my eyes gazed at the clearance sign. The prices had been marked down 70 percent off... then another sign... take and ADDITIONAL 30 percent off the lowered price. Golly Gee Whizz... So Dillards basically paid me to take the mibook (that comes with 2 SD memory cards) and 2 other memory cards off of their hands. The memory cards that I got were the quick and easy meals, healthy cooking, irresistible desserts, and amazing party food. I used one of my last wedding gift cards to purchase my new mibook.

I always get such a thrill when I find a great bargain!


Ted and Shana said...

So when are you having us over for dinner?

Terra's Tune said...

Yes Ma'am I am!