Saturday, April 23, 2011

The UItimate Sacrifice

The tomb could not hold him. Death could not keep him. The ultimate sacrifice... Jesus my Lord!

Good heavenly morning!  I woke up at the crack of dawn to scurry around and get some things done.  Make a few hair bows, finish the dishes, tend to the little terrorist that lives downstairs.  Then.. it hit me. 
As I looked outside, I could see sunlight peeking through the trees around the creek behind our house. I had to stop. I had to stop what I was doing.  The skies were still dark and very overcast.  I could hear birds chirping and the creek trickling.  The wind would occasionally bring gusts across the dead branches.  They began to give a creaking and almost moaning like sound as they were being joggled about.
I put down my ribbon and glue gun and made my way outside with my bible and camera. 
In the quietness I though back on scripture.  Remembering growing up and hearing the Easter story and the good news that is contains.  I remember one year when we were little kids, my brother Travis came running in to wake every one up on Easter morning.  "He has RISEN! He has RISEN! Won't you get up already?!"  I can still hear his high little squeaky voice now.  :)
As I sat there in the darkness, I began to imagine what it would be like for those friends and family members of Jesus on that day.  The day after he was killed and the day before he rose to claim victory.  Can you imagine what Jesus' mother, Mary, was thinking and feeling?  It literally hurts my heart to think about my own baby having to take on the burden of man and to die such a cruel death.  Jesus told his disciples that he would rise up from the grave on the third day.  Did they believe him?  After seeing his death on a cross, and seeing his body in the sealed tomb... did they believe him?
The longer I sat outside the lighter the sky became.  I could not see the sun but I knew it was there. 
Jesus was in the tomb.  They couldn't see him, but they knew he was there.  That is until the third day came.
God sent Jesus to us as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.  I pray that you stop what you are doing and sit with Jesus.  Because... YOU CAN!  He has Risen! He has Risen! Won't you get up already?!
This year, I encourage you to not only think about Easter morning.  Think about the day before Easter. 
Because Jesus spent that day in the tomb.. I get the free gift of eternal life.

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