Friday, June 10, 2011


I am sooo glad that it's Friday!! It has been quite the week.  And that's even an understatement!

Here are some pictures of us from the past couple of weeks.  Time to do a little catch-up!

Emily & Selah playing on Memorial Day.  Emily stole Selah's paci!

My summertime table.  Only special occasions...
I'm not fancy enough to set my table like this every day.

wanna come and eat?

I love love love sunflowers this summer! So happy!

My garden is doing well.  A whole lot of bloomin going on.

My cilantro plant and tomato plant have now grown together...

I know have little tomatoes growing at the top of my cilantro plant...

Time to bust out the patriotic yard lights...

Do you see the millions of lightning bugs in this picture? Look really close!

Audrey and I went power walking this morning and then got bkfst.
We felt that it was only necessary for you all to see our feet. 
The other parts of us were a little scary....

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