Monday, July 18, 2011

Things I love this week :)

Here are some things I love love love this week!  I am in a fall kind-a mood.  It is so miserably hot outside.  I am ready for some cooler weather so that Selah Grace and I can spend as much time outdoors as possible!  I am DYING to do lots of photography during Autumn! Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes and sweaters!

I am planning on squeezing in some time in between the craziness that is this week and take Selah Grace's 9 month pictures!  I cannot believe how fast time goes by when you are enjoying yourself.  I love my life and all the things that fill it!  I am constantly keeping my hands busy with new art projects.  My newest obsession is Selah's first birthday party.  I posted earlier in the summer about it.  I am so excited to celebrate her first year of life on this earth.  I thought she would never get here and now she is almost walking and is saying "Hi" to anything and everything she can get her hands on.

Sooo... here are some things I have stumbled upon this past week.  If only there were 40 hours in one day.  Think of how much we could all get done!!  Autumn is just around the corner... can you tell I am anxious about summer being over with!?

Fall Perfection!

Great idea for photography!

I think I may attempt in making this for Selah Grace's Birthday :)
I need this!

I am in love with this idea!

Very inventive!
Christmas lights poked through canvas... genius!

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Shana L. Edinger said...

First of all I highly recommend the kitchen for Selah. I know she will love it. Margie has a small stove in our kitchen and one in the playroom. they are her favorite toys by far. Secondly, can't wait to see you use the baby in the ceral bowl idea and the flowers in the light bulb way cool!