Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Apollo 18

He loves me.
Therefore... he feels the need to tease me.

A few weeks ago, Andrew rented the movie Apollo 18.  When he told me what he got from redbox that unfortunate Friday night... I thought, "oh brother.. another boring interesting space action guy movie."  Whoopee ding.

I was sadly mistaken. 
I am not a fan of scary movies.  Anything that involved erie music with objects that pop out of random places just to invoke the "about-to-pee-my-pants" emotion... I am not a fan of.  I love chick flicks.  Not. Ashamed. Of. It.

A brief overview of the movie is that of an Apollo mission to the moon that is top secret.  Basically, they send these men out into space to discover alien rocks on the moon that not only want you dead... but they make you crazy.  I am literally cringing as I write this.  Supposedly, this is a true story.  There is a website ( that contains top secret files and recordings about the mission. Or.. so they say.

I jumped, squirmed, screamed, and ALMOST fainted while watching this movie.  Yes, I do know that I am dramatic. But I cannot help the way that I was created.  I like happy things, not creepy moon rocks.  As the movie ended, the teasing started.  "Watch out for that rock, Terra!" "Did you hear that?... Maybe it's a rock knocking on your window, Terra!" On and on and on and on. And on.

A few days later, Andrew left for Knoxville TN early in the morning for work.  I had made plans with my fantastic friend Audrey for that morning and didn't plan on being back until that afternoon.  As Audrey and I made our way back into the garage I was the first one in the door.  Then I saw it.  Fear gripped my soul.  I was too stunned to even scream.

It took my brain a minute to first calm down and then realize what happened.  Somehow these rocks got inside my house.  No one but Andrew and I have a key.  Who else would have known about my fear of moon rocks?  Well.... I called Andrew and after about 20 minutes of denial he finally busted out laughing and then told me how he executed his master plan that day.  He came home early from Knoxville.. once I was gone he came home and planted the rocks right in front of the garage door so close that I couldn't avoid them once coming inside.  SO horrible sneaky terrifying CLEVER!  He hid rocks everywhere.  And his mission was a success.  It scared me half to death. 

So being the awesome wife that I am.. I left them there all day until he got home to clean them up.
And yes, I realize that by documenting this story here for you to read.. I will more than likely be teased about my fear of moon rocks from now on.  But this was too good of a story to pass up.  I will suffer so that you can chuckle. :)

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