Saturday, June 16, 2012

Garden Rookie

This spring has been the first time that Andrew and I have been able to have our own backyard to do whatever with it that we please.  We went from living in a town home to living on half an acre of land... with lots of fruit trees!  We have apple & peach trees.  The apple trees are loaded down with green apples that are slowly turning red.  We don't have as many peaches on our peach trees... but hopefully next year after we prune it and show it a little TLC we will see more peaches.  We also planted a garden.  Having no clue about how to have a garden, we were starting from nothing.  No knowledge of how to grow things or what to grow.  I did a little bit of research and we just started with the hopes that we would learn a whole lot during this "trial run" and have a bigger and better garden next year. 
We started everything from a seed except for three of our tomato plants and one cilantro plant.  To date, I have planted squash, okra, cucumbers, green beans, corn, cilantro, carrots, tomatoes, and onions.  I had NO IDEA how BIG squash plants get.  Our garden is WAY too full of HUGE plants.  Weeding our garden is becoming more difficult as the plants get bigger and bigger.  After taking care of our garden for the past several months, I am loving it!  It's so satisfying to see a plant grow from a seed.  I definitely will have a TON of produce to can and cook in a few months. 

Here are a few pictures of our "rookie" garden:
Apples from our biggest apple tree. They are slowly turning red.


Peach on the biggest of our peach trees

The littler of the two apple trees. It's loaded!

about a month ago

2 weeks ago

last week


beautiful squash flower

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