Friday, June 28, 2013

Pwincess Babing Soups...

As I wiggled and jerked my bathing suit up and over and around all of my acquired assets that come with pregnancy, I let out a huff of air.  I didn't realize that I had little eyes watching me from behind. "Whatcha doin?", came a sweet and soft little voice.  "Well honey, I'm trying to put on my bathing suit so we can go outside and play", I replied.   Then the sweet little body that houses that little voice came walking up to me and then stopped right in front of my feet.  She looked up at my 4 month protruding pregnancy belly.

"It's beautiful."  
"What is sweet girl?"  
"Your tummy."  
I chuckle.
"You look like a pwincess."
I chuckle again.
"Mom, you look like Cindewella in your babing soup (translation: bathing suit)."
I sigh.  If only she knew that I have been pregnant so often in the past four years that this maternity "babing soup" has become my go-to swim wear for years and years.
"Mom, let's put on your gwass swippers and go to the pool."

Even on days, like today, when I get tired of being pregnant round and hot I think of those words that Selah has said to me.  Sometimes I try and think back on where she could have learned how to compliment someone on their princess looks, and then every Sunday morning I am reminded.

"Selah, quit wiggling."
"Don't touch my hair, it hurts."  
"I have to fix it.  Just BE STILL"
I sigh.
"Okay.  You are ready.  Why don't you go and show daddy how beautiful you are."
"Daddy, look at me.  Look at me!", she squeals as she runs in front of him seeking his approval.  
Then it happens.  My big ole construction guy gets on his knees and gives our sweet tot a twirl.
"You are so beautiful, Selah.  You look like a princess.  Oh, and your shoes... are those princess shoes?   And that hair, woo-wee girl, you are looking good this morning.  You look like Cinderella in that dress."

Her face says it all.  His admiration lights up her world and no one could make her feel any different.

After my conversation with Selah this afternoon, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness.  Thankfulness for a husband who loves his family with a wonderful and unconditional love, thankfulness for a heavenly father who sees the good in me even when I can't see it myself, and thankfulness for the ability to become pregnant and for stretchy "babing soups".

I want Selah to remember me loving myself.  In a godly wholesome way void of vanity and pride.  I want her to see me being honest about myself without loathing myself.   It's so hard to do and I struggle with it each and every day.  And not only just about our outer looks, but our homes, our cars, our bank accounts and our relationships.  Selah thinks our house is a castle.  And by golly it is, 1660 sq. feet of awesomeness ;).  And on days where I do not feel grateful for what we have,  I will remember her perspective.  We are blessed!!  I do believe that God's gift to us tired toddler chasing mamas, is their sweet perspective.  When we as moms chose to live out godly confidence, our children flourish.  Didn't you know that you look like a princess today?  Because the fact is, you do.

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