Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Television is taking over the world....

So these past two evenings have completely revolved around The Bachelor and the "Most DRAMATIC show in ALL of Bachelor history..." as Chris Harrison would say. Reality Steve was right!! The Bachelor, Jason, did in fact propose to Melissa and then in the After the Final Rose Ceremony he broke her heart and asked Molly for a... shot. I read Chris Harrison's blog and Reality Steve's blog but I do have to say that my favorite blog about the "Dramatic" Bachelor season finale was written by Boo Mama. I really like what she says about Deanna's outfit in the season finale... "WHAT IN THE SAM HILL IS SHE WEARING? Is she now selling real estate in New Zealand? Is that why she has on a business suit? Is it shantung? Is it taffeta? The mind boggles." I think that when I read this yesterday in the computer lab at school I laughed out loud. I am upset that it did not work out for Melissa and Jason, and I am disappointed that he broke her heart IN FRONT of America... but I think that Melissa is better off... go and find your prince charming girl!

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