Thursday, June 18, 2009


These past two days our weather here in Tennessee has been a little interesting! We have had two tornado warnings. Now, all of y'all in Texas that experience a Tornado warning per day... this is a little different for us here in Tennessee. Generally speaking, I am a expert in Meteorology because I took one semester of it in college. So I know a funnel cloud when I see one! BTW- I am teased about my knowledge for weather relentlessly by my hubby Andrew. He doesn't appreciate my brain and love for weather apparently. :)

So Tuesday around lunch when Andrew arrived home for grub, we noticed a warning on the TV and opened the front door to see a funnel cloud. Yes ladies and gentlemen, a funnel cloud. I spotted it right away since I am the weather woman in our household and Andrew only half believed me. The next day, Wednesday, Andrew came home and we were greeted by another set of Tornado Warnings. Here is what the radar looked like...

Instead of getting in our bathtub or being cautious, we decided to snap a few pictures and video of the funnel cloud for proof. And I needed to blog about something because my life is boring and I have no cute kids to blog about, so exciting weather is the next best thing for me.

Storms help me to remember that our God is a powerful God!

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Shana said...

I love weather too! At least until the weather man tells me to get into my safe place and highlights our street in the path of the storm!