Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ginger is out to get me...

Let me set this up by giving you a play by play of what my morning was like.

5:00 am - Andrew's alarm went off.... 10 times.

5:10 am - Andrew got up, took the dog out, packed his bags for a work trip, and woke me up to say goodbye.

5:45 am - Before leaving Andrew gated our feisty puppy into the kitchen.

6:00 am - Andrew leaves and my alarm goes off.

6:20 am - After hitting snooze 5 times I decided to get up.

6:21 am - I heard a loud thud downstairs in the kitchen. It didn't cross my mind twice because I am used to hearing loud noises from the small terrorist that lives down stairs due to the fact that she cannot stop herself on the wood floors and eventually smacks into the walls or chairs when she is running around our kitchen table like a maniac.

7:00 am - Walking down the stairs to eat breakfast and to fix my lunch, I hear Ginger's tail thudding against the gate as she hears me coming.

7: 01 am - I turn to see a winter wonderland in my kitchen...

And this is partially cleaned up! I decided to take a picture mid-cleanup.

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