Thursday, July 8, 2010


It has begun.

I look like a five year old has taken a magic marker to my stomach. 

Trust me, I butter-up and I stay really hydrated.  I take a big ole' glob of cocoa butter and rub myself down everyday and what do I get... STRETCH MARKS!  Yes, stretch marks.

My skin is SO fair.  Basically translucent.  I was bound to get them.. and deep down inside I knew it.  Was I in denial? Um, yes. 

But that day when Andrew blurted out... "What is that?"  I almost died.  I was wishing for the rapture in that moment. 

Now, I am a one-piece-bathing-suit-kind-of-a girl already... I have scars all over my belly from my appendix exploding when I was a freshman in college (which is a really funny story).  But do you know what these nasty little lines represent?  I'm about to be a Mom... and very soon. :)


As I laid there last night while watching two episodes of "I didn't know I was pregnant" (side note - how in the world do you NOT know that you are pregnant?), I saw my daughter take her feet/butt/or hands (really couldn't tell) and push as hard as she could on the left side of my body.  She is really ready to be out of me.  I have a bad habit of squishing her with my everyday movements.  Please don't call child protective services on me! 

All in all, I need to find a good stretch mark cream.  There is no "solution" to stretch marks but I would love to hear your hidden secrets!  

Stay tuned for vacation pictures :)


619 Barnett Blvd. said...

Love everyone of those strechmarks! They mean that you did all the work for such a wonderful gift from GOD! I love mine, it serves as a reminder that RG is mine, God planted her in me to grow, and that is a beautiful thing!!!

J'net said...

Jennifer, Have you been smokin' crack!

I understand the attitude behind what you are saying, but come on!

You are crazy! :) lol!

The Golden Gang said...

Terra, I used Palmers Cocoa Butter massage lotion for stretch marks thru my pregnancy with Dallas. That may be what you are already using but let's just say it couldn't have done a better job. I will definately be using it again next time around. Congrats on your little girl. LOVE LOVE her name! You'll be a great mom. No need to worry. Take it one day at a time and enjoy every minute. They really do grow up way too fast! : )
Blessings, Emily Golden

Branalyn said...
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Branalyn said...

Sorry...Had to fix the comment...
I'd like to comment that I don't believe those girls really don't know they're pregnant. I believe it's this little thing called DENIAL. : ) And, though my stretch marks are from taking two solid months of steroids in an attempt to breathe, which made me go from a size 6 to a size 10 in those two months, and not pregnancy, BagBalm ( is seriously good stuff.