Monday, September 13, 2010

Are we there yet?

I am still pregnant... In case you were wondering.

Still itching, 100% effaced, baby is at zero station... and not dilating (I'm at a dimple as my doctor would say).  My contractions have been at 5 minutes apart for 7 days but I am not considered in actual labor because my contractions are not changing my cervix. 

My doctor has me now coming in every week and essentially is just waiting for my contractions to get three minutes apart and waiting to see if my cervix is dilating at all.

I have been to the doctor twice because of false-labor and I have told myself that I am not going back to the doctor until those contractions are three minutes apart and I feel like I am going to die.

My doctor is still keeping my due date October 18th but last week Selah Grace was measuring 36 weeks.  A week and half ahead of her due date.  The nurse measured me and said, "wow... big baby."  Since she is growing so much and has been wedged in my pelvic bone for about two weeks, you can only imagine the stretching pains I am having.  She may even come out cone-headed. :)

So Andrew and I are just waiting for me to go into labor.  It could be hours, days, or weeks.  I am hoping for the first option. :)

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minnimac said...

I feel bad that i am a comment freak today, kenzie is taking a long nap :). I was 100 effaced and baby at +2 station and at a 4 dilated for a month. I was on bed rest though. I went back multiple times from strong unwakening contractions and they kept sending me home. Im not sure if u remember Jennifer Vance but she read my post and wrote to me that a similar thing happened to her and they kept sending her home and due to complications she lost a full term baby :(. As she told me THIS IS NOT TO ALARM YOU! Just remeber only dr's know so much and that you need to listen to ur body. I went back when the contractions were bad and told them i wasn't comfortable going home this uncomfortable...kenzie was born that day :)!