Monday, November 21, 2011

His Name!

Have you heard?  We are having a BOY!  We are so very excited :)

For Andrew and I, naming our children is one of the biggest joys we have had in our marriage.  We both feel that names carry such meanings and pray that the names we name them will carry such weight in their lives.

James Sterling Wagner

Doesn't that have such a magnificent ring to it?  You may not think so, but we do!

James - Origin is Hebrew / Meaning is Supplanter.  It is also a family name carried down by the first born Wagner men. 

Sterling - Origin is English / Meaning is little star, stellar, genuine, and of high value. 

I pray that he will become a stellar little star that carries a character in his soul that is considered of high value to those that he meets.  Andrew and I have already started discussing the things that we will teach and show him.  I've never been a Mom to a little boy, but I hear that they will melt your heart.  I'm excited to experience that kind of love.

We are still hoping that the meaning of Selah Grace's name will stick with her one day :)  She isn't very "still or peaceful" right now, but her smile is smothered with Grace.

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Erica said...

Hey Terra, been a bit since I got to check in your blog. SO excited to read about the new little man in your life. :) Congratulations!! I was scared to be the momma to a little boy, but I love it. Something special about a boy and his momma. :) Our family has grown by two kiddos-my neice and nephew are now living with us. Nolan is in Heaven. We will have to get some updated family pics with ya.