Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love/Hate Relationship...

Y'all -

It is official. Selah Grace and Ginger have entered into a love/hate relationship.

I cannot keep those two from harassing one another. Selah is usually the one instigating the harassment but Ginger just keeps coming back for more. They just won't learn!
I would like to say that it has been about two weeks since I have been noticing that Selah watches Ginger like a hawk. About a week ago, Selah would reach out to pet Ginger whenever she was close. It is not only petting anymore... it is full-blown torture.

Yesterday, while cooking dinner, I heard Ginger yelping... LOUDLY. I looked beyond the counter to see Selah Grace in her exersaucer leaning over with those two fat little hands tightly holding Ginger's lips for dear life. Ginger is curious and had jumped up to see what was going on. Selah then saw her opportunity and pounced with her cat-like reflexes. Ginger was pushing back from Selah with her two front paws… One on Selah's chest and the other on Selah's forehead. Selah WAS NOT letting go... but instead chuckling and squealing with delight.

Ginger had terror in her eyes. I hurried over to de-latch Selah from Ginger and once the two were separated Ginger started licking me in gratitude and Selah started crying. She is so dramatic. Her cries were so horror-filled... like I was chopping her arm off or something.

Not even 10 minutes later I heard Ginger whimper again and Selah squeal with delight. This time Selah was had Ginger by the face and was bringing her in for a big ole' open mouth kiss.


And on and on it went.

What am I going to do with those two!

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Travis said...

hahaha nice.. i need to come visit.. or yall just need to come up here!