Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Zoo!

This past weekend, Andrew had a few jobs in Birmingham AL.  So Selah and I tagged along.  We shopped all day Friday and then went to the zoo on Saturday before heading home.

The zoo was, well... interesting.  Around noon Selah started getting hungry.  So... Andrew and I found a shady spot in the outdoor food court of the zoo and I put on my handy-dandy nursing wrap and started feeding Selah.  So far.. so good.  THEN - Selah decided she was done.  Kicking her legs like she was sprinting for the finish line I started to panic - in fear that she was going to expose me for all I was worth - I quickly asked Andrew to help me get her out from under the wrap.  You know... before I gave a peep show to the entire group of mentally challenged adults sitting about two feet from our table.  Smart Terra.. real smart.  Within a blink of an eye there went Selah.. and so did my wrap.  Andrew busted out laughing and my face turned about 50 shades of red. 

Let's just put it this way... I am glad that we live in Nashville and not Birmingham. 

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