Tuesday, September 13, 2011

13 weeks and counting!

Being pregnant with your second child is so drastically different than with your first.  Especially if you have had numerous miscarriages.  I am just now starting to get excited about the second little Wagner that is coming.  For some reason, I was really really afraid to go to my doctors appointment last week.  Not quite sure why I was so worked up, but once I heard that strong heartbeat combined with the loud sounds of the kicks and jabs, my heart settled down. 

Naturally, while having the best job in the entire world of chasing Selah around all day, I have not had time to worry or stress about baby no 2.  But one thing is for sure, people can't stop with the giving of unwanted advice about second babies.  Lord have mercy on my soul... it is never-ending.  When someone starts a conversation with me that begins with, "Well, you know..."  My brain goes into auto-shut-off mode.  No matter how many times people say to me... "good luck, it's gonna be hard"... I am eager to remind myself that each child is a gift from God.  Ladies, you can be destructive with your words... lighten up, please. :)  There are many many women who cannot have children and would give anything to have a child of their own.  I remember them when my thoughts carry me away with fear.  Think of them before you open your mouth.
I am now 13 weeks and counting!  Have been so sick that I have lost 14 lbs instead of gaining anything.  But baby is healthy and I am not as sick as I once was!  Which I am VERY happy about :)

13 weeks with baby no 2

16 weeks with Selah Grace
Now, onto a different subject.  Selah... she is so cute and just turned 11 months old.  I am working hard to make sure her BDay party is one for the history books.  I am just so excited to celebrate her healthy little life.  She is such an incredible blessing to everyone she meets!
Andrew and I took Selah to the park this past Saturday night and let her swing until her heart was content.... or until the sun went down.  The sun beat out the content heart and there was lots of kicking and screaming on the way back to the car.  Just about broke her heart!  Andrew and I couldn't help but chuckle.  She was happy again once she got "Dind-uh", formally known as "Ginger", back into her little dirt covered hands.  When "Dind-uh" hears her squeal and sees her wobbly run across the living room... she starts running herself.  My little 7 lb terrorist of a dog has now become a personal pillow/slobber rag/and best friend.  She is very patient with Selah and only Selah. 
Here are some pictures of our evening at the park:
This is an Andrew face

This is a Terra face

This is an Andrew face :)

We are still working on getting the straw in her mouth :)

keeps her eyes on her Daddy at all times!

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Jessica said...

Congratulations on baby #2!!! I know what you mean about all of the "advice" you receive - I am quite sick of it & I'm afraid I might lash out at the next person who says something negative. I will add baby #2 to my prayer list :) what a wonderful blessing!

- Jess McKee -