Friday, September 30, 2011

Look whooo's turning ONE!

Selah Grace's birthday is just a few short days away!  I almost have every single thing done for her party and for all my company coming into town.  It's almost like Christmas!  I decided that Selah was going to be an owl for her costume party.  She is the little owl who is turning one... seemed appropriate to me :)  I finally finished her costume this morning and in celebration of what took me forever to pull together.. we had a little photo shoot.
So here are a few sneak peek pictures (they will be displayed at her party) for all of the out-of-town family that can't see her in person on that special day. 

While taking her pictures, I kept having to tell her to stop pulling her feathers off.  Apparently, they are not supposed to be there.. according to Selah.  And when I would tell her to smile she would blow me a kiss which caused half of my pictures to have her little hand in front of her face.  Gotta love my one year old.  So independent and quite cute.  I did manage to sneak in a few good shots among all of the booty shots of her running away from me. 

Enjoy :)

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