Monday, June 18, 2012

Cookout time!

About a month ago, I hosted a cookout for a women's group that I help lead. Several of the women brought their families over to play and eat. Even though it rained like cats and dogs once I got everything perfect outside, we still had a great time!  We ended up with lots of towel wrapped bodies on the couch watching cars :)

Selah in the sprinkler

Krystle, Leah, & Jodi

Michael and his boys



grill master

rain rain go AWAY!

Ted and Margie


Swimming!  My garden was just barely sprouting back there!

looks like we were going to get rained out :(

first date for Thomas and Selah

lots of wet little bodies :)

Brought the food inside

 Watching "Cars".  Good thing I have a leather couch!

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