Monday, July 16, 2012

Sterling's Nursery

I just love how Sterling's nursery turned out.  I decided on the vintage airplane theme early on in my pregnancy. Andrew graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and has always had a love for airplanes.  I wanted his room to be a perfect mix of vintage Americana colors and decor that would suite a nursery and then eventually a little boys room.  I began to look everywhere for bedding and decor that matched my "theme" for the nursery and was coming up short in every area.  Fortunately, I do not give up that easily. 

I took several different ideas out of magazines/pinterest and created his room from scratch.  My goal was for the end result to cost less and be just as cute.  I picked up the perfect little pieces to fit into his room as I (or my Mom) stumbled across them as time went on.  The missing piece to finishing his room was his bedding.  I had THE HARDEST time trying to find red, white, and blue little boy bedding.  So... I hired my Mom to make them.  She did an absolutely fantastic job!  I know I drive her and Andrew crazy with all of my specific and grand ideas that constantly flow in and out of this head of mine.

Below are some pictures of his room.  I'm still looking for the perfect rug for his room so y'all be on the lookout for me :)

View from the door

Lots of patterns, stars and stripes, and good vintage Americana colors.  The fabric was found at Hobby Lobby.

Sterling's view of his "mobile".  Vintage model airplanes (from Hobby Lobby) hung from the ceiling to act as a mobile above the crib. 

The bumper pads are reversible.  They can be placed on the crib in four different ways.

View from the closet.  The room is broken up by a window, door, and closet.  It's tricky trying to decorate a chopped up space.

Floating wall shelves (from Home Depot) on either side of the window. 

I placed our "gender reveal" picture that I took of Selah in Sterling's room.  Probably one of my favorite things about the room!

Stainless steal airplane bookends (from Garden Ridge) and baby books.  Oh Sterling, the places you will go :)

Vintage model airplane frame from Hobby Lobby.  We used one of the ultrasound pictures inside.  It's a BOY!

I hope he wears these toys out!!  This red and white striped bucket is from Hobby Lobby.

I crafted these letters using wood letters with scrapbook paper modge podged onto the top.  They match all the colors and patterns in his room.  All supplies found at Hobby Lobby.

Side view of the letters.

Hand-drawn paper airplanes and their trails are strategically placed on each wall.  They are very simple but add a playful feel to spaces that are hard to decorate.  I don't like clutter, so small touches like this give the room character without feeling over-crowded. 

This airplane is my favorite.  Also, I have big over sized floor pillows almost in every room in our house.  We are on the floor a lot playing with our kids. 

This is the view from our bedroom.  This view conjures up joy and feelings of insanity.  HA! 

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