Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chubby Babies...

Today, on my way to work I spotted a chubby baby. 


I can't get enough of them.  Andrew has even expressed his concern that I may in fact feed our child more than needed so that she will be chubby.  I wouldn't go that far but I have to confess that I have been asking God for a chubby baby. 

While praying for Selah Grace, I always end up asking for her to have curly hair, blue eyes, and rolls... lots of them! :)

I just don't know what it is.. but my heart skips a beat when I see a chubby baby.  Can you blame me?

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Truthserum said...

Hello Terra,
My wife and I were browsing for chubby baby girl pics when we came across your webpage...I think we share the same kind of feeling about chubby babies..God Bless all those who love Humanity...and motherhood..Its a blessing..and it is a special blessing to love the children...I secretly feel that I want a chubby baby..and hope to have very soon...God Bless your family Terra..God Bless You..