Saturday, August 14, 2010

Focal Point

Looking through some old pictures this morning, I have officially found my focal point for my "comfort bag" (if you have no clue what I am talking about, click here to read).

Back on Christmas Break of 2006, Toby (my youngest brother) and I went out to play some basketball in the grand city of Belton Texas.  If you do not know my brother than you are missing out... he is quite a character.  At one point I look over and he has got the basketball up his shirt and he is prancing around acting like he is me having a baby. His exact words before I took this picture were, "I bet this is what you are going to look like..."  I ended up snapping this picture that would later come back to haunt him for eternity.

4 years later I will taking this picture with me to the hospital - framed as my focal point.... seems fitting, doesn't it?  :)


619 Barnett Blvd. said...

LOOOOOVVVVVEEE, this!!!! Toby you are going to be such a help to your big sis!

BTW, can I borrow this pic for my next one?

Christina and Toby said...

That's hilarious!!! :)