Monday, August 30, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel.

There is light at the end of the tunnel!  Some days it seems like a long tunnel, but we'll get there!

I'm still itching, but did receive a little good news.  My doctor called with my results and it looks like my liver test came back just slightly abnormal.  Not enough to start worrying or take precautions... I will just have to be be monitored. So for now, I will just be itching.  Possibly until 6 weeks after Selah is born.  And to be perfectly honest with you... that doesn't thrill my soul.  The oral steroids and topical steroids are sadly not working.  But I am choosing to have a great attitude despite the condition of my skin and live life to the fullest as Andrew's wife until Selah Grace comes into our world and then I become Andrew's wife and Selah Grace's MOTHER!  Easier said then done... but I am trying!!!

Pictured below is what my lovely skin looks like.  A lady yesterday in the grocery store told me that I was glowing with pregnancy and I almost laughed out loud.  She must have not gotten farther than looking at my face. :)

In other news, Andrew and I had our last birthing class on Thursday night.  We talked about newborn care and Andrew is now a master at swaddling a baby. 

Saturday night, we had a BBQ dinner at Neely's for Andrew's 28th birthday.  It was cowboy themed since that is what Andrew wanted to be when he grew up.  :)  We had about 7 couples from church come and celebrate with us.  It was good food and great fellowship! 

So the countdown is on, people!  7 weeks until my due date.  Will it ever get here???

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Mr. E said...

Ok..the one picture of Andrew toward the bottom looks like he's trying to breast feed the baby?!!?!?!? WHAT WERE THEY TEACHING YOU ALL?!?!?!?!