Thursday, May 5, 2011

I love my Mom

Proverbs 1:8-9 states, "Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and forsake not your mother’s teaching, for they are a graceful garland for your head and pendants for your neck"

I've decided to get this tattooed somewhere on me... any suggestions? 

OK Mom.. pick yourself up off of the floor.  I think if I ever got a tattoo she would strangle me with my graceful garland and pendants around my neck. 

Oh, sweet and sentimental Mother's Day.  It is upon us again.  We (us Moms) are about to get a frilly card and a kiss from the food covered faces that we spend our days cleaning up after.  Wet wipes have become our friend these days.  Selah is discovering sweet potatoes this week and I have been quite surprised as to how she gets more sweet potatoes in the crevices of her body than in her mouth.  And the mystery continues....

This is my first Mother's Day that I get to enjoy having a baby to hold and squeeze.  I feel so accomplished coming into this holiday.  I feel like I should get a dozen roses even today, because the diaper I changed this morning was absolutely volatile. Yes, deadly.  THE most disgusting thing I have EVER laid my eyes and nose on.  gross...

Did I mention how nasty that thing was?  I'm gagging just thinking about it.

But seriously, I do feel very proud to be a Mom.  Ya know, being a Mom can be tough.  It requires tons of sacrifice.  When your baby is awake.. you are awake.  Even now when I sit down to eat, Selah is not satisfied until she has eaten first.  The loading and unloading of your vehicle when you have a baby... total sacrifice.  It ultimately takes 15 minutes to get in and out of a parking lot.  I love how when I am entering into the deepest of deep rem cycles in the night... Andrew wakes ME up to let ME know that Selah is crying in the baby monitor.  Really?  Really?

Even though I am only 24, and lots of my friends are still living the fun, fast-paced, & exciting life in the city... I don't envy it at all.  I am satisfied with being a wife and a mom.  I love our little family of four and am willing to sacrifice late nights hanging with the girls for changing nasty sweet potato diapers at 3am.  Sounds crazy, right? Well, when you become a mom you'll understand.  Promise :)

I still get to dream big dreams, have the occasional late night (9:30pm!) with friends AND love on the most amazing baby, puppy, and hubby in all of the world.  The best of both worlds?  I think so!

More importantly than me celebrating being a Mom this weekend, I get to celebrate the women who have come before me and taught me how to be a mom myself.  I don't know where I would be or who I would be without my mom.  I love her more than garlic stuffed olives.  And if you know me at all...  you know that that is DEEP love. 

She is an absolute gift from God in my life and in so many other lives as well.  This week, she has sacrificed herself to go and take care of my grandmother who has broken her ankle.  My mom has put her life on hold to go and serve my family down in Corpus Christi, TX this week without complaint.  She's amazing and I hope she knows that.  I love you Mom!

Every year for Mother's day, I would round up my two brothers and my sister and we would make hand-made banners, cards, breakfast, etc.  My siblings would roll their eyes at my extravagant Mother's day craft projects. They never ended up being brilliant creations and inevitably she would always walk in early in the morning before everything was set up, ruining our surprise. In order to surprise my Mom you would ultimately have to stay up all night long.  She's quite the early bird. 

I hope and pray that I can be half the Mom to Selah that my Mom was and is to me. 

She's pretty fantastic. 

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Madison said...

I LOVE olives stuffed with ANYTHING, but garlic stuffed ones are amazing. (I actually ate a whole jar of jalapeno stuffed olives the other day - in one sitting - and didn't feel bad about it at all!)

You are too cute with your mom, and I love the post! Oh, and I tooooooottallly feel your pain on those late night "hey, the baby is up..." and poopy diapers that could kill.

Congrats to you, Mommy! And Happy Mothers day a bit early :)