Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Trip to Abilene

All of Andrew's family (excluding his sister and her family) live in Abilene, TX.  Soo... this weekend we were able to go down and visit them.  We haven't been back to Abilene in three years, so it was soo good to see everyone.  All of Selah's great-grandparents were able to see and squeeze her, which I think Andrew really enjoyed.  The WHOLE family was able to get together.  My Mother-In-Law, Julie, even invited my parents to come and join us.  They ended up coming for the BBQ on Saturday.  The whole family has not been together since May two years ago when we took a trip to Corpus Christi.  In the midst of stuffing my face with BBQ, Cheesecake, and orange rolls.. I was snapping pictures like crazy!


Aunt Tessa with Selah

G-Pa with Selah

Playing with Daddy
Papa Baker's hand with Selah's hands

visiting out in the yard

My niece Addison

60 degrees in West Texas... CRAZY!

Ma Maw Shirley with Selah



Look at that face :)

The two girls with their grandpa

Granny Baker with Selah

Andrew, Selah with Papa Baker


Julie with Selah

Look at those toenails

Julie with the girls

James with his dogs :)

Honey with Selah

Crawlin machine


Ma Maw Toots with Selah

My hubby is a stud...

The Wagner family

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