Thursday, June 17, 2010

Babies, babies, and more babies!

Our dear friends, Chris and Lisa, welcomed their brand new beautiful baby girl, Kaylee Wynterlyn, into the world on Monday night around 5:30pm.  She is a big baby, weighing over 8 lbs. She is just the cutest little chuck I have ever laid eyes on!  With a full head of jet black hair, Kaylee definitely has her daddy's nose and her mommy's lips and forehead. At least that is what I think :)

I remember when Lisa told us that she was expecting... I couldn't believe my ears!  I knew they were trying but they were still very hesitant about starting a family.  They have been married for about 10 yrs and were really used to being just the two of them.  Now 9 months later, it is the three of them!  We are so happy for you two!!!

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