Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting ready...

Yesterday was bad.  I felt like someone had put my body in a blender.  So bad.

Now, I have been really careful to not be a "complainer" during this pregnancy because it just drives me CRAZY when I hear women just go on and on and on.  AND I am sooo happy that I am pregnant! But y'all, yesterday was bad. 

I am pretty sure that I had a 24 hour stomach bug.  I have not been sick since I could feel Selah Grace moving around inside of me.  Let's just say, that is not a fun experience.  Every time I would feel the need to "empty my stomach", she would start kicking me.  It definitely made it more painful.  She is still feet down and very VERY low which is causing some pretty bad back and pelvis pain.  At one point yesterday, she kicked me so hard that I thought she was going to plop right out of me.

Soo... I stayed home from work.  I did get a few things done around the house.  Mostly, I worked on the nursery.  My Grandparents bought Selah Grace's bedding and it should be arriving today!! I am SUPER excited!  It is sweet and dainty just like her name.  Now let's hope that her physical characteristics are sweet and dainty as well :) If she is bigger than 7 lbs by 38 weeks then I am requesting to be put to sleep during labor...

Last week, I received a few gifts for Selah Grace from some friends.  I love seeing these little outfits.  They are so cute!

Thanks Megan!!
Thanks Shana!!

I also think that I am going to put a bed crown above Selah's crib.  Her crib is in the corner right now, so I would need one that hangs down from the ceiling... I am not finding those so easily.  Here is one that is too cute, and Andrew could make it.  I may have to design my own if I can't find what I need.

Her nursery is coming together, slowly but surely.  I think that Andrew and I are going to go and register this weekend.  I'll post the links to our registries once they are done.  My family has been asking about them.
By the way, Ginger was no help to me yesterday.  She kept dragging herself by my stretchy leggings and chewing on anything she could sink her pearly whites into.  I think I finally wore her out.. she found a sunny spot and parked it.

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